Cooperativa Bilanciai Case Study: Automatic Weighing in the Quarry Field

Cooperativa Bilanciai Case Study: Automatic Weighing in the Quarry Field

Soc. Coop. Bilanciai Campogalliano (Italy) - Automatic weighing in the quarry field.

Our solution:

The “Road of the marbles” is an Italian infrastructure realized with the specific aim to supply to the marble quarries a modern and functional road system. This system has been engineered to supply a large number of quarries, more than 100 units, and 70 of them ones are active. This system has been engineered to manage up to 1.200 trips/day without the possibility to generate queues of trucks.

The average time of a weighing operation (input, weighing operation and output from the weighbridge) takes around 15 seconds. Every day a total amount of around 1Gbyte of data are collected into the server (weighing data plus the pictures). Both picture showing the plate of the truck on the weighbridge and one picture showing the goods loaded on the truck itself are stored into the memory and linked to each corresponding weighing operation.

Two further pictures are taken when each truck enter into a tunnel; (The four pictures) These are then saved and linked to the corresponding weighing operation as before.

A verification system checks systematically the tare of the trucks: a display installed into the tunnel shows a message to the truck-driver to inform him that he must do a check of the tare of the empty truck. Every day more or less 20 random plates are extracted from the plate archive to be verified.

The weighing system LOGISDIADE is networked to the Municipal Police that receive in real time the data concerning: Overload, missing weighing operations, not authorised accesses to the tunnel.

The overall amount of the material that transits on the weighbridges is approximately 5 million of tons per year.


  • speed of operation in the weight management
  • completely self-service
  • in compliance with the rules of the road

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