Collaboration Fiktech B.V. - EggxClusiveScooters

Collaboration Fiktech B.V. - EggxClusiveScooters

Fiktech (Netherlands) - Press Release: Fiktech B.V. supplies products, systems, installations and services. The varied delivery program covers many areas of industry. At Fiktech, customers find practical solutions for a range of technical problems to improve their machines and production processes.

The company is experiencing stable and continuous growth. Different industrial sectors are served with practical and feasible solutions according to the Total Cost of Ownership principle. Together with the customer, we look for the optimum technical solution, linked to cost savings / ROI in comparison with the current situation.

Fiktech - the present: Thanks to the Internet, the whole world is accessible to everyone. Regardless of the cultural background of business partners: where there is a will, there is a way! Technical problems are solved worldwide with knowledge and know-how from the Netherlands.

Fiktech - the future: We remain committed to making machines and production processes better with innovative solutions. This is one of the reasons why we work closely with several partners, all of whom use their specialist expertise.

"Young people have the future" is nothing less than a fact, and the reason to look for opportunities to safeguard the knowledge and know-how available at Fiktech. "What is good comes quickly" is clear from the cooperation agreement that Lars Egging and André Fikkers have concluded. Lars is a young entrepreneur and founder of the company EggxClusiveScooters in Arnhem, and is involved in maintenance, repair, damage assessment, damage repair and parts sales for scooters. His attitude: “Quality over quantity” was the trigger for André Fikkers to sit down with Lars and set up a cooperation in the form of a Traineeship in the coming year, with the following objectives:

For Fiktech B.V.:

Krijgen Get support with sales-related activities, research and technical projects.

Krijgen Gain insight into the future possibilities of collaboration with third parties to ensure the continuity of Fiktech B.V. to ensure.

For Lars Egging:

Orientation in the industrial field in the broadest sense of the word.

Take note of the products and services offered by Fiktech B.V. will be delivered.

The accompanying photo shows how the collaboration between the two companies is celebrated with a festive drink.

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