Choosing Industrial Ethernet Switches for Harsh Transportation Environment

Choosing Industrial Ethernet Switches for Harsh Transportation Environment

Korenix Technology (Taiwan) - Public transportation has improved throughout the years. Not only has the population increased that led to the rise of need but also in- time information and passenger safety has become more important. An efficient design of the system can ensure non-stop data communication, decrease the downtime and can therefore lead to a safer and reliable network system.

However, implementing a network system isn’t easy. The best solution is to look for reliable products with certificates, space-saving function and flexible design that is adaptable for the future. But how do you know if you make the right decision? Don’t worry, Korenix has listed out some tips for you:

Rugged Design for Harsh Environment:

Environment on train or stations are often harsh. Devices not only has to endure the heat but also the vibration on vehicles. Therefore, it is important to find products that are rugged enough to maintain performance without the need for protective cabinet. Rugged device can be installed in anywhere in the vehicle or stations. Moreover, it can reduce the downtime. To be used without the protection of cabinet, it is important that the device has gone through multiple test and certificates such as EN 50155. EN50155 is an international standard for electronic equipment on railway applications. It qualifies if a product meets the requirement on temperature, humidity, shock and vibration for rail applications.

Easy installation and maintenance:

On most transportation vehicles, space to install devices are limited, increasing the difficulty to install a new device. Not to mention most vehicles were built years ago and weren’t built to implement those new devices. Therefore, a flexible device that can be easily installed and can adapt to old systems is essential. Devices designed with M12 connector can make installation easier. It is not only shock resistance but can also reduce labor cost with its easy plug in function.

Adaptable for the Future:

With the technology of IIoT, data transmission and transportation tools will definitely improve in the future. Products that are highly configurable can not only meet your current needs but will also allow you to increase capacity for additional data in the future.

Korenix industrial M12 Ethernet switch are designed with anti-vibration M12 connector and also has different railway certificates, such as, EN50155 or En50121-4. Korenix industrial Ethernet switch are robust and reliable and is a perfect design for your railway project.


Image 2 Caption:

JetNet 3808G-M12 Industrial Un-Managed Booster PoE Switch

Image 3 Caption:

JetNet6910G-M12 Industrial 7 FE/PoE 1GbE/PoE 2GbE Managed PoE Switch

Image 4 Caption:

JetNet3908G-M12 Industrial Full Gigabit Un-Managed Booster PoE Switch

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