How Cervoz Powerguard SSD Avoids Your Data Loss

How Cervoz Powerguard SSD Avoids Your Data Loss

Cervoz Co., Ltd. (Taiwan) - How Cervoz Powerguard SSD Avoids Your Data Loss.

Client's Application and Facing Issue:

The customer is a world-leading textile machine manufacturer exporting devices and systems all over the world. Since the terminal factory is located in incomplete public power facilities with unstable power supply problem which might damage the factory equipment.

Inexperienced factory operators could cause the equipment unexpected power outage. The complete system could be lost transferred data and cannot be restarted. This situation might cause bigger damage to the entire system and huge loss from factory shutdown.

Cervoz Recommend:

In order to protect potential business losses, Cervoz recommends the client to adopt Powerguard SSD with power loss protection feature to solve this situation. It’s designed with tantalum capacitors with additional power time, which is 40 times higher than standard SSD. When the power abnormal shutdown, Cervoz Powerguard SSD will deliver sufficient power to support flash IC writing operation, protect its firmware and mapping table. Cervoz ensures data completion after the system is restarted. Cervoz Powerguard SSD is absolutely your right decision for this situation.

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