Balanças Marques Case: Heavy Challenge at SEL - Salsicharia Estremocense

Balanças Marques Case: Heavy Challenge at SEL - Salsicharia Estremocense

Balanças Marques (Portugal) - Here on Balanças Marques we say “yes” to any weight challenge. So, when SEL – Salsicharia Estremocense came to us to optimize their deli production process with a weighing solution, our team got to work and adapted the software on our weighing sausages scale.

Who’s this cliente?

SEL – Salsicharia Estremocense is dedicated to the deli production since 1984. Located in Estremoz, in the heart of Atlentejo, produces world class cured, fresh and frozen meat, with a process they consider an art and tradition.

In order to maintain “The know-how of Alentejo’s taste”, this company values the meat born and raised, produced and transformed in the region. Through the Fileira da Carne do Alentejo Association, they create synergies that ensure the quality of the raw material used to produce their deli.

Leader in the sector, in the last decades, it has invested more and more on the quality and certification of their products and has also focused on the innovation and development of their processes. With 130 employees and modern equipment, Salsicharia Estremocense SA, relies on thousands of clients and delivers, every year, 2.500 tons of fresh and ultra-frozen meat and 936.000 tons of processed meat.

What was the challenge?

Increasingly invested on the innovation and optimization of the production, SEL constantly looks for more automated and effective ways to do their job.

For the deli dehydration process, in specific, they needed a solution that would allow to keep their traditional smokehouse, but at the same time, would offer more control during the process. The goal was to eliminate the necessity to count the time on the drying chambers and smokehouse or having to check the deli constantly to know when they’re ready to move to the next phase.

They needed a weighing equipment that, based on the experience and human knowledge of the sausage shop, automatically warned when the product is with the desired break, regardless of the calibre. This way, would make it easier to control and monitor the drying phase, increasing the rentability of the process and resulting on a product without misfit breaks and a more uniform maturation.

That being said, and as users of Balanças Marques products for several years now, Salsicharia Estemocense came directly to our company to present us the challenge of creating an answer to this necessity.

What was our solution?

Facing the challenge presented by SEL –  Salsicharia Estremocense SA, Balanças Marques developed a customised solution. 
Adapting our weighing sausages scale, our I&D (Investigation and Development) Department created a new functionality in the software to respond to the client needs, particularly on the deli drying process.

With the Sausage Dehydration Control Module, Balanças Marques’ solution allows the setup and monitoring of the different processes and the treatment cycle of a product, through the weight they present. With our balance and respective software, it’s possible to store and manage multiple information about the deli and even setup notifications that, by sound or via email, alert automatically to the conclusion of a production phase, as the drying of the cured meat.

Based on the ancestral knowledge of Salsicharia Estremocense, inserted directly on the software, our weighing sausages scale allows to make an automatic control of the maturing process, without the need to count the time or to check manually product by product.

With our technology, SEL now counts with an equipment that goes way beyond the weighing, being used to automatize processes, and speed up the traditional deli production, as intended.

From the necessity of our client, a new Balanças Marques solution for the businesses in the deli sector was born. 

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