Automated Testing Systems: More Flexible Than Ever

Automated Testing Systems: More Flexible Than Ever

ZwickRoell (Germany) - Press Release: Automated material testing systems offer valuable strategic benefits like increased throughput, reduced human error, and integrated data reporting. Today’s automated testing solutions are more flexible than ever; they are not confined to large assembly lines and can be readily customized to the task at hand.

This blog provides a concise introduction to the benefits and flexible implementation options of automated material testing systems.

For a more in-depth examination on this topic and how Automation can help minimize the risk of human error, from specimen handling to typography check out our latest whitepaper.

What holds back organizations from accessing the benefits of automated materials testing?

In our experience, materials and component testing professionals generally recognize the benefits of automated materials testing.

These benefits include:

  • Automated solutions avoid human error. Any human touchpoint, from specimen handling to data entry, is a potential source for error.
  • Integrated, streamlined data reporting helps conduct tests by-the-book every time, even across multiple sites and technicians.
  • Valuable technicians spend less time waiting on test results, freeing them up to focus on value-added activities.
  • A substantial long-term ROI through not only increased testing throughput, but reduced errors, which can lead to outsized costs like product recalls.

With these valuable benefits, why don’t more organizations invest in automated testing solutions?

In many cases, outdated preconceptions concerning automation are the culprit. “Automation” often conjures images of large, automotive-style assembly lines, full of robotic arms and autonomous vehicles. But today’s automated material testing solutions are not confined to this sort of large-scale implementation.

They can be a great fit for fully automated, 24/7 testing facilities that can accommodate large series testing. But they can also be self-contained, turnkey solutions that work alongside technicians in a smaller lab, enabling them to offload monotonous tasks.

Common Misconceptions About Automated Materials Testing Solutions:

  • They only make sense at a large scale. In fact, solutions like ZwickRoell’s roboTest N are tailored to smaller-series testing.
  • They are more costly than manual work. Compared to the costs of errors, time wasted waiting for results, safety risks, and more, automated materials testing solutions can deliver substantial long-term savings.
  • They require assembly line organization. Automated testing solutions allow for a variety of different methods for specimen handling and technician interaction. For example, an automated testing system can simply utilize a table which is tray-loaded by technicians.

Flexible Use Cases for Automated Material Testing Solutions Across Industries:

In addition to offering flexible implementations in terms of scale and organization, automated testing solutions can be used across many different industries requiring a variety of testing processes. Automated testing solutions are used every day for metals, plastics, medical devices, textiles, and complex components requiring highly customized testing processes.

The ZwickRoell automated testing system product page here does a great job showing the breadth of solutions available today.

Learning More About Automated Material Testing:

ZwickRoell has extensive experience delivering automated material and component testing systems for clients across the globe, with over 600 automated testing systems currently operating worldwide (and around 40 more systems coming online every year).

Our approach centers on understanding each client’s specific testing challenges and business requirements. With this knowledge in hand, we can deliver custom-configured solutions aligned carefully to their end use case. ZwickRoell backs our automated testing solutions with long-term service and support—the key to getting the most possible value from your investment.

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