Article by WIPOTEC: Beyond the end of the line

Article by WIPOTEC: Beyond the end of the line

WIPOTEC GmbH (Germany) - Beyond the end of the line.

End-of-line refers to the end of a production and packaging line. Here, many manufacturers rely on Wipotec’s reliable inspection systems for quality control. If the product passes all the tests, it rolls off the belt and continues on its journey along the supply chain. And our systems also accompany this process.

Same but different:

While a checkweigher checks whether the weight of the product matches the specified values in the line, dynamic scales in the intralogistics and shipping sectors face other challenges. Obviously, it has to process completely different packaging units and thus determine different weight values. Instead of individual products, we are dealing with shipping boxes and external packaging – instead of a few grams, several kilograms are concerned here. The dimensions of the units are also much larger and the scales require suitable conveyor belts. This entails differences in many minor and major details. The biggest difference, however, lies in the actual task.

Not all scales are created equal:

A checkweigher determines the weight, analyzes whether it is within the set tolerances and, if this is not the case, rejects the product. In the field of logistics, sorting also takes place, but for a different purpose. Catchweighers determine the weight value in this case and transmit the weight to a higher-level system. Depending on the position in the supply chain, this information is used to document inventory movements, to determine the total weight of combined shipping units or to check which postage category a consignment belongs to. The quality of the scales determines the maximum achievable accuracy and thus the precision when calculating the tariff.

Use and application:

Dynamic scales are found at the incoming inspection as well as at the final inspection before delivery to the customer – and also at the crucial points in between. In addition to verifying completeness, the weight is also an indication as to whether the correct product has also been packed. The data generated opens up many possibilities for your own inventory or to be able to create documentation for auditing purposes. However, the basis is always maximum precision taking into account the application. The scales must be suitable for both the task and the environment. Good advice from an experienced expert is expensive in this instance, and the old saying “buy cheap, buy twice” frequently applies. If, for example, oscillations, vibrations or similar interferences are detected at the place of use, the achievable accuracy can be greatly improved using the right technology.

More than weighing:

Even beyond the core competence of weighing, Wipotec offers solutions that are used in the field of logistics: Marking, labeling and optical inspection are not limited to individual packages thanks to the modular design of the systems. Our solutions, which are proven in the pharmaceutical industry for serialization and aggregation, also offer many advantages in the downstream processes with their user-friendly and open interfaces.

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