Article by Weightru: Top 5 Benefits of a Weigh in Motion System

Article by Weightru: Top 5 Benefits of a Weigh in Motion System

Weightru (United Kingdom) - To keep up with market demands, the trucking industry needs to keep its fleet on the road and constantly moving to supply goods all over the country.

And, all logistics companies rely on the road transport industry to keep the roads as effective as possible in order to achieve this.

Positively, weigh in motion systems do not require vehicles to stop when they need to be weighed.

Instead, they can simply continue to drive at a reduced speed and then measurements are taken and recorded, instantly and accurately.

Simply, a weigh in motion system is made up of a range of advanced technological devices that record, measure and collect data from vehicles on the road.

And, whilst this may seem like a simple piece of tech, they provide the most extensive solutions in the transport industry than ever seen before.

That said, here are 5 benefits of a weigh in motion system.

1. Reduce Costs of Road Maintenance :

A great benefit to weigh in motion systems is that it can prevent overloaded vehicles from causing damage to roads.

Therefore, this keeps the road network running smoothly for all users; excess weight on the roads can cause it to crack overtime.

As such, these systems can be used to help relevant authorities plan in advance the inevitable costs of road maintenance.

Simply, road maintenance comes at a high cost and creates problems for all motorists and businesses, but this problem increases when maintenance needs to be carried out repeatedly on certain offending roads, i.e. motorways.

2. Keeps Public Roads Safe:

Following on from the previous point, weigh in systems are also effective at keeping the public safe when on the road.

Since these systems can monitor and keep everything in check, it reduces the risk of potential accidents by identifying those vehicles that have not been loaded correctly.

Consequently, with the abundance of heavy lorries on the road alongside the public today, overloaded trucks can not only incur thousands of pounds worth of damage, but in severe cases, potential loss of life.

3. Improved Productivity & Efficiency:

As vehicles are not required to stop to be weighed, this whole process becomes much more efficient.

With these systems, vehicle weights are checked in seconds, which means there are no unnecessary delays; drivers do not have to waste time by stopping at weighing sites.

With that in mind, weigh in motion systems are ideal for use in congested sites, like freight terminals, where speed is vital to prevent delays and ensure the smooth running of operations.

Furthermore, these systems allow weights to be checked fully unattended, thus boosting productivity.

Not to mention, operator errors can be avoided, which therefore improves efficiency.

Lastly, weigh in motion systems are useful at preventing under-loading too, and as a result, this means that operators can organise their loads to maximise outputs.

4. Instant Identification of Overloaded Vehicles:

As you already know, overloaded vehicles are a serious issue.

And, they can be very costly in a number of different ways.

Not only is it expensive to repair roads, but operators can receive financial penalties, which range in severity depending on the excess weight; police have full authority to pull a vehicle over and conduct their own inspection and can be up to £5000 per axle point.

Moreover, overloaded vehicles can incur premature wear and tear costs and increased fuel costs.

That said, weigh in motion systems provide effective protection against these and enable vehicles that are overloaded to be identified instantly before they go onto public roads.

5. Detailed Reporting and Full Integration:

A final benefit of weigh in motion systems is that they can be fully integrated with other equipment like control barriers, traffic lights, CCTV, traffic management signs and more, which helps to improve all safety aspects.

Plus, data is captured and recorded automatically and can be combined with other computer systems and the internet to provide fleet operators with detailed management of data. For example, analysis by products or suppliers and vehicle statistics.

Rounding Up:

Weigh in motion systems offer an easy, cost effective solution to businesses by monitoring the weight of vehicles whilst they’re on the move.

From increased productivity and efficiency to instant identification of overloaded vehicles and comprehensive reporting, it’s easy to see why these are becoming a first choice for many industries.

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