Article By The Scale People, Inc.: Quality Testing for Packaging

Article By The Scale People, Inc.: Quality Testing for Packaging

The Scale People, Inc. (United States) - Quality testing for packaging requires a versatile materials testing system because of the different requirements applicable to the various materials. Some prevalent test types within packaging testing are tensile strength, tearing strength, friction, compression, peel, and puncture. Let’s learn more about quality testing for packaging for several industries.

Importance of Quality Testing of Packaging Materials:

Material packaging is an essential part of any industry. It impacts the identification and quality stability of a company’s inventory. Packaging also provides a proper degree of protection, reduces the loss of constituents, and must not interact chemically or physically with the contents to modify their quality beyond the limits or present a risk of toxicity.

For instance, make-up, perfume, lotion, soap, and wax are different cosmetic products that must comply with some of the strictest international standards in materials testing. By performing a texture analysis on your cosmetic product, it’s simple to decide whether the powder is too compact or if the lipstick will break easily when applied by your customers.

Packaging Testing:

Quality testing for packaging consists of using one machine, one software, and endless testing possibilities.

  • Testing physical properties of raw materials before processing – development of new packaging designs like chocolate boxes and egg cartons
  • Testing finished products for the food industry– stacking ability, friction, tearing resistance, peeling resistance, top load, compression
  • Testing for pharmaceutical packaging – seal strength, tamper-evident closures, compression, tension, flexibility, peeling resistance
  • Testing for cosmetics packaging – tension, compression, extrudability, cap closure, cap opening, aerosol trigger force
  • And for all other types of packaging – tearing resistance, carton erection, box compression, and peeling resistance

All test types are within one software. In addition, all functions are built in as a standard, and data easily convert into PDF, Excel, or external analysis programs.

Typical Applications for Packaging Testing:

A single test system will allow you to utilize one machine for all packaging test types despite the material.

In addition, the typical applications for packaging testing include:

  • Blister packs
  • Adhesives
  • Paperboard
  • Bottle tops and enclosures
  • Flexible packaging
  • Labels
  • Snap-on/snap off
  • Seals
  • Foams
  • Strapping

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