Article by NWI Group: Digital Technology And Weighbridge Software for Quarries: The Advantages

Article by NWI Group: Digital Technology And Weighbridge Software for Quarries: The Advantages

NWI Group (Australia) - Quarry operators need to be able to keep track of how much material they’re extracting, storing and using at any given time. That way, they can ensure that their operations are running smoothly and are profitable. To help with this task, quarries have traditionally relied on weighbridges and manual methods to keep track of their inventory. But as technology improves, there are now other ways for quarries to automate their inventory management processes so that it’s easier than ever before.

Comprehensive reporting:

Weighbridges allow you to track the weight of your materials as they pass through the quarry. This information can then be used to create detailed reports, which are useful for managing operations and complying with CoR regulations. 

Using digital technology and dedicated weighbridge software provides more information than standard reports. Rather than using manual record-keeping, weighbridge software gives you easy access to customisable reports. So, you get all of the metrics that matter most to you. Plus, you can even access data in real-time. 

Overall, the improved reporting you get from these digital solutions helps you make smarter business decisions.

Integration with payment terminals:

Weighbridge software can be integrated with payment terminals, making your operations even more efficient. For example, NWI’s FlexPoint WinWeigh software can be integrated with Quest Payment Systems to give you an even greater level of functionality. Terminals can be either manned or unmanned, so quarries can choose how best to use this software to their advantage.

Chain of Responsibility (CoR) compliance:

Chain of responsibility (CoR) compliance is an important issue for quarries, as it helps ensure that your business can respond to any incidents that may occur. It’s also a legal requirement for companies in certain industries, such as quarrying and mining. 

Weighbridge software can be set up for CoR compliance, such as checking that all trucks using the quarry are under their GVM. You can also link to National Heavy Vehicle Register to ensure all trucks are legally registered.

Camera integration:

The camera integration feature helps you to record all vehicles using the quarry. A camera is connected directly to your weighbridge so that it records all users of the system. Operators are also captured on video when they approach their vehicle at either end of their journey through your site. 

This allows you as a quarry operator or manager to access information about who has been driving which machinery at any time of day. Video data is stored safely and is easily accessible should any incidents occur.

Integrate with RFID card readers:

Integrating RFID card readers with weighbridge software can help you track vehicles entering and leaving your quarry. This is especially useful if you have multiple entrances to the site, or if there are multiple quarries within a larger company. 

RFID card readers also allow for real-time tracking of trucks and trailers that enter or leave the site. This means that you’ll be able to see exactly where all your vehicles are at any given moment. Plus, the comprehensive data you get from your software also helps you allocate resources based on historical data.

Want to know more about weighbridge software for quarries?

NWI’s facility management software provides fully integrated weighbridge management systems, expert advice and flexible reporting to increase operational performance and improve your bottom line. If you want to find out more about how our weighbridge solutions can help your quarry operation, contact NWI Group today.

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