Article by IXTHUS Instrumentation Limited: Load Cell Applications

Article by IXTHUS Instrumentation Limited: Load Cell Applications

IXTHUS Instrumentation Limited (United Kingdom) - Load cells form part of our product range, they are available to view on our website. We have a wide range of load cells which are various shapes, sizes and have different approvals for use in different environments.

What is a Load Cell?

A load cell is a type of transducer which is used to covert a measure of force into an electrical output that can be measured.

Most of the load cells in our range use internal strain gauges to do this. As the force is applied, the strain gauges are compressed or stretched and the deformation of them alters the electrical output which is directly proportional to the force applied.  

There are many different types of load cells available to suit various applications. The different types we can offer at Ixthus include:

  • Single point load cells
  • S type load cells
  • High precision load cells
  • Tension and compression load cells
  • Shear beam and bending beam load cells
  • Miniature and subminiature load cells
  • Pancake load cells
  • Custom force and load cells
  • Clevis Pins / Strain Bolts

As well as our load cells, our portfolio also includes the multipurpose digital indicator 7281 TRANS CAL, a portable calibration device for verification purposes and reading the calibration properties of those awkwardly positioned load cells, which is of high importance to ensure they stay in precise working order whilst in production situ.

Load Cell Applications:

Load cells are used throughout many different industries.

Some of these are:

Scales Applications - Scales are the most common applications for load cells. These could be any type of scales, from kitchen or bathroom scales to industrial scales, hopper scales, conveyor belt scales, bench scales, Motorsport and many more. Most of the time a single point load cell is used for this type of application.

Marine applications - Marine applications require load cells that are suitable for underwater use and be hermetically sealed. Load cells can be used for towing, anchor force measurement, line tensions on fishing boats & nets, various types of marine cranes and force measurement on dams. For more information take a look at our blog post on Marine Load Cells.

Aerospace applications - Load cells are often used in aerospace applications for a variety of testing and monitoring applications, pre-flight fatigue testing, Aeron Force Monitoring, flight data recorder applications and Refuelling Load Test applications.

Onboard weighing - Onboard weighing is the process in which the load of a vehicle can be weighed whilst it is already on board.

Vehicles that may require this includes:

  • Tipper Trucks
  • Articulated Lorries, Trailer Weights, Axles Weight
  • Agricultural Machinery
  • Vans
  • Motorsport
  • Other types of heavy-duty vehicles

Medical Applications - As well as scales for equipment and testing, load cells can also be used for hygiene applications and in other medical equipment. Various medical standards are required for load cells to be used within this type of application.

  • Hydraulics on medical appliances, beds & chairs
  • Optical Testing – Blood Pressure on the human eye.
  • Rehabilitation Equipment – Instrumentation & Force Monitoring

Civil & Infrastructure Applications - weatherproof, flush mounted designs for ease of mounting, most force ranges available, also to monitor forces in structural constructions, such as:

  • Office Buildings
  • Viaducts
  • Flyovers
  • Bridges, Road & Railway
  • Tunnels, Road & Railway
  • Telemetry

Load Cells from Ixthus:

Take a look at our full range of load cells on our website. All our range come from our trusted suppliers.

All of our load cells offer:

  • High accuracy
  • High durability
  • Robust
  • Fatigue rated range
  • Bespoke applications

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