AMCS Driver Assisted Terminal disrupts Weighbridge market

AMCS Driver Assisted Terminal disrupts Weighbridge market

AMCS (Ireland) - Press Release: AMCS DAT enables 24/7 assistant-free weighbridge operations to accelerate customers’ top-line growth.

AMCS has launched its Driver Assisted Terminal (DAT), a stand-alone terminal facilitating unmanned weighing operations to enable waste and recycling companies to automate their inbound and outbound weighbridge transactions. Easy to use workflows guide the driver through the process driving efficiency in operations with the full weighing process completed in just seven seconds.

AMCS DAT, available on AMCS Platform, empowers 24/7 assistance-free weighbridge operations increasing asset utilisation, reducing operating costs and improving the service to customers by facilitating self-service weighing at any time and any location. The launch of the AMCS DAT immediately follows the release of AMCS Platform 8.2 in February, the first of three releases this year which, amongst other things, revolved around smart user experience, enhanced recycling capabilities and improved customer management.

Real-time data exchange with the weighbridge:

AMCS DAT is a stand-alone terminal combining weatherproof hardware with integrated software to support weighing in and out at landfills, transfer stations, MRFs and other material-handling operations. The centralised weighing system integrates with multiple systems including RFID and weighbridge indicators. Real-time data with the weighbridge is exchanged to the centralised ERP system providing organisation-wide consolidated information for customisable reports and immediate billing.

Providing the driver with a smart, intuitive user experience:

The AMCS DAT is running on the Android operating system, providing the driver with a smart intuitive user experience that includes a colour touch screen display that guides the driver through step-by-step and simplified on-screen prompts. The system authenticates each driver through an RFID card automatically identifying the job the driver is assigned to captures the weight against the job and prints a ticket at the time of weighing in and out as proof of service. The Driver Assisted Terminal is very durable with a touch screen display that can operate in any weather condition. In addition to that, AMCS DAT also minimises risks like eliminating liability and safety concerns occurring when drivers are outside of their vehicles.

Trusted solution for the waste and recycling industry:

With 20 years of experience with vehicle technology AMCS has a long-lasting expertise with building superior hardware devices to support the waste and recycling industry. This, coupled with the enterprise-grade SaaS solutions, the AMCS DAT is a trusted solution built by waste and recycling experts on best-practice processes specifically designed for the industry. With the Driver Assisted Terminal AMCS is confirming their role as market leaders delivering a product strategy focused on driving revenue growth, margin expansion, operational efficiency and sustainability on behalf of the customers. AMCS lives up to those words with a product and development team of around 200 people, currently investing 20% of overall turnover in product development.

AMCS Platform 8.2 release:

The launch of the AMCS DAT immediately follows the release of AMCS Platform 8.2 in February, the first of three releases this year. Unmanned weighing with the stand-alone terminal is driving operational efficiency by speeding up the weighing process and improving customer service by supporting unassisted inbound and outbound weighing at any time and at any location. Through the integration with the centralised ERP system, the weight and transaction information is immediately available in the back-office to support the billing process, to positively affect the customers’ cash flow.

Quote Hans Buskens: Head of Product Marketing, AMCS Group:

“AMCS DAT provides the waste and recycling industry with a complete hardware and software solution for weighbridge operations. DAT is developed to meet the unique requirements of the waste and recycling industry improving weighing processes due to its simplicity, usability and seamless integration and acquisition of weight data. Ensuring an ‘always-open’ weighbridge operation has its challenges, for example around resourcing, risk, compliance, security and financing. But enabling a 24/7 operation, while reducing the associated challenges, the AMCS DAT will accelerate the waste and recycling companies top-line growth.”

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