Althen Sensors & Controls BV Case Study: Triaxial Accelerometer in HIC Impact Tester

Althen Sensors & Controls BV Case Study: Triaxial Accelerometer in HIC Impact Tester

Althen Sensors & Controls BV (Netherlands) - To create a perfect playing field, it needs to have the right bounce, damp, level, profile and many more factors. This is why sports associations such as the International Rugby Board (IRB) and playgrounds around the world have specific rules for their surfaces. Luckily, there are companies who are specialized in testing and measuring of these surfaces.

The ASC Triaxial 5411LN Capacitive Accelerometer is one of the used accelerometers in this field. This sensor is used in HIC impact tests which are conform the official CEN 1177:2018 and the ASTM 1292 standards. HIC stands for head injury criteria. The HIC Impact Tester determines the HIC and G performance (acceleration due to gravity) by dropping the HIC head from a selected height. The data which is derived from the drops gives the operator information to qualify or disqualify the field for use and to avoid potential injury. With these tests, owners ensure they can provide the best and safest playgrounds and fields for athletes and playing children.

The company supplying these HIC Impact Testers is Deltec Equipment, a firm specialized in test and measure equipment located in Duiven, the Netherlands. Deltec uses the ASC sensors in their HIC Impact Tester to measure every value for professional or recreational playing fields. Broad technical knowhow and over thirty years of experience are the reasons behind Deltec’s success. Their dedicated management team and engineers are driven by high customer satisfaction and will help all their customers step by step through their testing or measuring challenges.

ASC Accelerometers:

The accelerometers of type ASC 5411LN and ASC 5415LN are using proven MEMS technologies and capacitive operating principles. These sensors have integrated electronic circuitry which enables a differential analog voltage output and a flexible power supply voltage. The LN for the sensors stands for low noise, this is because of the incredible noise performance of the sensors.

This is essential for demanding measurements of small frequencies and amplitudes. The ASC 5411LN has a lightweight aluminum housing but the ASC 5415LN features a robust stainless steel housing. This housing is IP65 protected and is suitable for more challenging environments.

Accelerometer applications:

The triaxial sensors provide three degrees of freedom while detecting the smallest of accelerations of amplitudes. This is why these accelerometers have so many applications. For instance, the measurements of aerodynamic and mass related imbalances in wind turbines or measurements for the evaluation of ride comfort in ships designed for passengers.

In conclusion, ASC accelerometers can find the smallest of frequencies or amplitudes in many different environments. From measuring safety for rugby players, to evaluating ride comfort on ships, the ASC sensors provide the data to perfect the experience of a wide range of products. For more information on the sensors, visit the overview page of the accelerometers. 

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