80 Giropès Wi-Fi Scales for Fruit Handling and Packaging

80 Giropès Wi-Fi Scales for Fruit Handling and Packaging

Giropès SL (Greece) - 80 scales with Wi-Fi for fruit production line.

Through one of its trusted distributors in Greece, Giropes has designed, manufactured and commissioned a production line with 80 GI410 PROD indicators with Wi-Fi for processing and packaging fruits.

The installation has been carried out in one of the most important agricultural export companies in the prefecture of Corinth, Greece.

The weighing systems, consisting of the GI410 PROD indicator with Wi-Fi and run via GISCALE software, have been installed for use in factories packaging fruit such as grapes and strawberries, among other varieties. Packaging this type of fruit requires exhaustive control of productivity and product weights to ensure that they are within the desired weight limits.

The implementation of this internal control to establish the production parameters also allows fast, efficient accreditation of effective product packaging issued by the company, enabling it to demonstrate this easily and without complications for the relevant authorities or company audits.

The eighty GI410 PROD indicators installed have been designed with a Wi-Fi connection so that they can be controlled remotely and run via GISCALE software, without the need for network cables throughout the installation.

The GISCALE software is an easy to use, but very complete, production software, with all the necessary functions for the management and control of production lines, as well as all managed operators and products.

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