5 Common Uses for Cobalt Magnets

5 Common Uses for Cobalt Magnets

[Article]: Cobalt magnets, also known as samarium cobalt magnets, are permanent magnets made from an alloy of cobalt and samarium. They are similar in strength to neodymium magnets, however, samarium cobalt magnets can operate better in certain situations. These magnets are used in many industries for their excellent coercivity.

What sort of uses are these strong magnets put to? How do their properties aid in things like space research, satellite communications, power generation, or even slot-car racing? Read on to learn five common uses for samarium cobalt magnets!

1. Work In Extreme Temperatures

A samarium cobalt magnet works at temperatures up to three hundred and fifty degrees Celsius. This is far high tolerance than a neodymium magnet, which tops out at eighty degrees Celsius. However, the most interesting property of a samarium cobalt magnet is that it retains its magnetic properties below absolute zero, making these rare-earth magnets perfect for cryogenic applications.

2. Satellite Communications

Samarium cobalt magnets work so well in cryogenic applications, that they are used extensively in satellite traveling-wave tube (TWT) assemblies. These TWT assemblies are also used in spacecraft transmitters, most electronic warfare systems, and spacecraft transmitters, such as the famous Voyager spacecraft. They are well known for their ability to amplify a large amount of bandwidth for communications.

3. Benchtop NMR Spectrometers

Benchtop nuclear resonance spectrometers (Benchtop NMR Spectrometers) are only possible thanks to advances in creating new magnets developed in the late twentieth century. One of these new magnets is the samarium cobalt magnet, which along with the stronger neodymium magnet, is a permanent magnet. These magnets allow for much smaller NMR machines due to not needing bigger and costlier cryogenically cooled superconducting magnets.

4. High-Humidity Environments

In addition to properties such as coercivity and temperature tolerance, samarium cobalt magnets contain very little iron, giving them high resistance to oxidation and corrosion. This allows for their use in situations where high humidity would normally be a problem, such as marine environments, and using samarium cobalt magnets for boat rotors and other underwater uses increases the life span of these machines beyond which other, more iron-rich magnets could function. When you need a high-quality samarium cobalt magnet, you can find them at the following link: https://www.stanfordmagnets.com/smco-magnets.html.

5. High-End Slot Car Racing

One of the big advantages of samarium cobalt magnets is their small size as well as power. This allows for building high-performance engines for slot car racers that are energy efficient and don't produce a lot of noise. At the higher levels of slot car racing, these small engines work as hard as their normal-size counterparts, so they need magnets that will work at higher temperatures.

Cobalt Magnets

Cobalt magnets are an important part of many industries and have been since their creation in the 1960s and 1970s at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. Their use extends from the far reaches of our solar system, down to the smallest racing teams on the circuit. These amazing magnets allow technology to march ever onward!

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